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Hindus believe in endless cycle of rebirth. How you are reborn depends on yr karma, but with possible stopovers in heaven or hell. Ultimate goal is 'moksha', liberation from life cycle. Can achieve moksha via one of four routes of meditation or rel devotion or selfless help of others.

Buddhists also believe in reincarnation (Buddha was born a Hindu in India). Meditation will lead you to nirvana.

Islam - heaven doesn't come until Final Judgement Day. Until then soul lives in grave where it can watch everybody who visits. Then on JD everyone gets reincarnated . Religious martyrs get to bypass wait in the grave.

Judaism Torah says nothing about afterlife, but Talmud (the anthology of scholarship on thew Torah) claims Heaven is a Garden of Eden. But most peoplehave to go to a hellish place called Gehinnom for a while. Never more than a year, and that can be shortened by prayers from living relatives. Jews also believe in full body reincarnation on final day.

Catholics if commit a mortal sin and then die before ask forgiveness, you will go to hell. Official position is that no-one knows what Heaven actually like.

Protestants - bc everyone is encouraged to read Bible for themselves, constantly splits off new sects with each new interpretation. But most Protestants believe yo get into Heaven simply by accepting Jesus as your saviour. Hell is the big difference - conservative Prots have traditional fire-and-brimstone idea of Hell to modern liberal Prots who don't believe in Hell at all.

Mormons - 3 Kingdomsa of Heaven, just for Mormons, but differ according to how carefully you follow the rules.

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