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How To Talk About Books You Haven't Read

Pierre Bayard

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Helpful acronyms: UB books unknown to me SB books I have skimmed HB books I have heard of FB books I have forgotten

Cites the librarian in book The Man Without Qualities

who never reads a book, even though he loves them dearly, for fear that too great an interest in one book might cause him to neglect the others.

Skimming books might be most effective way to read - respecting depth without getting lost in details.

Consoling thought for artists - can browse 100's of paintings in the time take to read a book.

Umberto Eco in Books You Have Heard Of says unnecessary to have held a book in your hand to be able to talk about it in detail, as long as you listen to/read what others say about it.

Supposed lost second volume of Aristotle's Poetics, in which he elevates laughter to an art, a theology of its own. Antagonises the faithful, bc derision is one of the most corrosive enemies of faith. And becomes a theology by serving as a vehicle for all kinds of doubt. Aristotle evn greater threat, bc each of his books demolishes a pillar of the church.

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