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In The Sixties

ed Ray Connolly

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Anti-abortion talk about potential geniuses who never got to live, but should consider much greater number of kids who died early before science changed early childhood survival rates (ie, when God was in charge)

Paul McCartney wrote asong under pseudonym Bernard Webb, to see if it was just his name that madea hit. The song was 'Woman' and was a big hit for Pater and Gordon

Mary Quant on fashion: people call stuff vulgar when it is just new. Young people today have taken the gracious living and the snobbery out of fashion. "It's quite unfair forpeople to have to do boring jobs that machines could do there's nothing intrinsicly good about work."

There was 'something in the air'. Teenagers with money to spend, pop records and coffee bars and jazz clubs and discotheques, TV programmes like Beyond the Fringe and That Was The Week That Was all operating on the same wavelength.

MQ: sexy adverts are not pornography. It's not titillating or vulgar bc now the woman decides. She no longer has to trade sex for material gain or marriage.

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