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What The All Blacks Can Teach Us About The Business of Life

James Kerr

Problem of functioning well under intense pressure. This is 'Red Head' - Heated Overwhelmed Tense - panic. Instead want Blue Head - ability to maintain clarity and make good decisions. Stay on task and execute the tactics and strategy.

Most organizations don't practice performing under pressure, which is crazy because you go to the gym to build up muscle strength etc.

Physical conditioning, technical understanding and tactical appreciation + psychological strength.

Final of RWC 2011. The crowd, the whole of NZ, are in the Red Head zone. But not the AB's - McCaw looks around him - there are no glazed eyes; no walking dead.

The full, authentic self. A bridge is secure when its made of several planks - so personal skills, friends, family, being an All Black. If all you have is rugby, then you'll always come unstuck.

Brad Thorne - "Champions do extra".

When the ABs travel across the Severne Bridge on their way to play Wales, they all stand up in the middle of bridge and shout "We NEVER lose to Wales!"

When a guy makes the ABs, he's given a small black book, beautifully bound in fine leather. It has page after page of famous jerseys, starting with the 1905 Originals. Then a few pages reminding player of the principles and standards of the team. And the last pages are blank, for you to make your contribution; to leave your legacy.

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