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Life In New York

Laura Pedersen

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In 2000 Shanghai had one subway line and lots of rickshaws. In 2015 Shanghai had 15 subway lines and no rickshaws. As of 2015, NY hadn't had a new subway for 60 years, but it has lots of rickshaws.

Sharing a rent-controlled apartment has been way more effective in keeping couples together, than any pre-nup or counselling. NYers are not survivlaists. Every square inch counts, so spring usually means taking the short sleeved shirts and sandals out of the oven and replacing them with the scarves and boots. So there are no survivalists in NY bc there is nowhere to store the beans and gallons of water, let alone the backup generator. And not big on camping, either, bc going without bathrooms, climate control and restaurants who deliver is no different to being homeless.

Takeout food is the norm. Kids order breakfast and lunch delivered to their school. Bands order food to the wedding they're playing at. And the really brazen order food to a restaurant they're at with their friends if they don't fancy anything on the menu.

The four major NY food groups are Chinese, Italian, Mexican and Indian. Irish coffee contains the other four food groups: caffeine, alcohol, sugar and fat. There's a theory that one enormous Chinese kitchen exists underground and shuttles the food out to all the surface units.

Once was in a cab which stopped at a street corner and swapped drivers. Turned out they were brothers-in-law who shared a single cab and licence, and ran 24/7. Had a fruit and vege vendor who lived under his stand.

H.L. Mencken quote "People say we need is religion when what they actually mean is need more police."

Bigwigs from Middle Eastern countries who have driven outmost of their Jews, come to NY for medical treatment and invariably wind up being treated by one of many NY Jewish doctors and surgeons.

Manhattanenge: the twice yearly spectacle when the sun perfectly aligns with the seast-west streets from the grid adopted in 1811. You can watch the sun drop between walls of the skyscraper canyon. May 28 andJuly 12 or 13. Best views from East St on the major cross roads of 14th, 23rd, 42nd and 57th Sts. Good luck finding a bathroom.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the largest art museum in theworld under a single roof.

Therapy is not a badge of shame for NYers. In nice weather it's not unusaul for lawn chairs to appear in parks with average joes handing out free or low-cost advice. There's often a line.

Lack of public restrooms a big problemin NY. If you're near Times Square,go to Marriot Marquis (up several escalators). In Lower Manhattan the National Museum of the American Indian is on NWcorner of Battery Park.

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