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Oddzone: Paranormal NZ

Vicki Hyde

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People prefer anecdotes to hard facts.

Rewards offered all round the world for anyone who can successfully demo true paranormal activity.

C16 claims of being visited by demons identical symptoms to C20 claims of alien abductions. Symptoms genuine, but different interpretation determined by social context.

Crop circles could be aliens trying to communicate, or strange electrical forces. We have no evidence for complicated explanations, but we do know that Doug Bower and Dave Chorley spent a lot of time in southern England in 1980's making surprisingly complex patterns with very simple equipment.

If mediums really could speak to the dead, there'd be no unsolved murders.

If psychics could really see the future, lotteries would be finished.

If telepathy was really possible, it would have given so many advantages for dating and mating, that we would all have inherited those powers by now.

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