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Plastic Culture

How Japanese Toys Conquered The World

Woodrow Phoenix

More books on Inventions

Astro Boy

Walking Batman


Sonome Ujikntoki

Temba Hakushi no Yabo

Aya Natsume

The Pillsbury Doughboy

Tony the Tiger (for Kelloggs)

Mulan (for Disney film)

Cobi the Dog (1992 Barcelona Olmpic Games)

Hello Kitty

Tukedosam telephone

Pointman (by US grafitti artist Futura 2000)

Star Wars Luke and Obi-Wan

Kid Hunter ("50% toy, 50% punk")


Wrag Chang


Chika Peach Night and Chika Mint Night

Miss Ko

The Pupcup Toy

Snoopy hair dryer

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