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Rediscovering Muscle Car Treasures

Jerry Heasley


Guy went to town to buy his wife a frig he'd been promising her.
Instead comes back with a Pontiac Superbird.
Wife blows her top "the ugliest car she's ever seen"
During the ensuing argument it emerges that husband's been bonking the woman next door
And he's leaving.
But when he wanted a divorce, wife insisted on keeping the Superbird, just to spite him.
Drives it a few times, then parks it under a tree and leaves it to rot.
(Eventually sold it to collector; now restored and in a museum.)


Guy finds an old Ferrari
Been sitting outside for 20 years
No motor, and a GM gearbox, so all very Mickey Duck
So gets it for SBA
Goes home and puts serial numbers onto a couple of Ferrari enthusiast websites, and there's a meltdown
They'd been searching for this rare racer for decades
Then he locates original engine, numbers matching etc, in England.
Guy wants $750,000 for it
So wound up selling the car to someone with deep enough pockets to reunite everything.

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