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Michael Seth Starr

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As Beatles became successful, Ringo needed a new drum kit. Went to Drum City in London and chose a Ludwig set, purely because he liked colour (oyster pearl on black), and Brian Epstein paid for it. New drum needed new logo, which a local signwriter came up with. This was the now-famous 'drop-T' logo. He was paid £5 for the artwork.

Ludwig, until then, was barely known drum brand. But their name on Ringo's drum set gave them a huge financial boost.

American tour stopped in Indianopolis, Ringo went missing overnight,and only turned up again just before show started. Turned out he'd wandered out of hotel and encountered a pair of Indiana state troopers, who offered to give him a tour of the city. Ringo casually mentioned that he'd always wanted to see Indianapolis 500 auto race track, so they took him there and convinced night watchman to open gates for them. Then watched as Ringo drove their police car around the track to his heart's content. At dawn one of troppers took him back to his house where wife cooked them breakfast and then delivered him back to the hotel.

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