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Rip Off! The Global Fraud Explosion

Peter Lilley

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Retail fraud - 30% shoplifters, 70% employees.

1995 travel ins claims by Britons £140 million. based on these claims, Poms lose more Loius Vitton luggage abroad than is ever sold in UK (and, based on claims, Med beaches must be carpeted with Raybans and Rolexes).

Daisy Rigale was regional director for Credit Lyonnais in Belgium. In 1992 she stole €16,000. As soon as she realised she'd got away with it, she carried on writing cheques and depositing them in Swiss accounts. Main reason was to keep her husband, but he left her for a 25 yo (she was 50). Over next 4 years she stole €16 million, making her one of Belgium's richest women. She owned a yacht, a villa in Spain, a sports car, several hotels, 6 country houses, a bread factory, and a second division soccer team. In the middle of her crime spree, she was made the bank's regional anti-fraud chief.

UK police set up a fund intended to pay off informants and private investigators. had an elaborate system to avoid being exploited by corrupt cops, but forgot to guard against the civilian in charge. On the day he started he stole £6000 and continued for the next ten years, stealing about £ half a million each year.

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