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Robot Sex

Social and Ethical Implications

John Danaher and Neil McArthur

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Everybody agrees that penetrative vaginal sex counts as 'sex', but that's the end of agreement. Anal? oral, hand jobs? disagree - similarly, disagreement as to whether sex with a robot is 'sex' and/or 'cheating'.

We shd welcome them, bc they will improve happiness for people who wd otherwise miss out on satifying sex. One study claimed that moving from 'sex-once-a-month' to 'sex-once-a-week' generated as much happiness as a $50K pay rise. High levels of sexual activity correlates to better health - weight loss,lower stress, lower bp, better sleep.

Sexbots better than involuntary celibacy - shd at least let people choose for themselves. And mismatched desire levels in relationships causes strain.

Social instability in societies where large imbalance of males to female - China and India.

Sexbots cd train people about how to handle human relationships - overcome lack of confidence or social skills.

Suggestion that stronger marriages (less likely to fail) will be result of taking sexual needs out of the equation - people wanting children will look to more fundamental aspects of personality when selecting a partner to help in that process.

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