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Robots Are People Too

How AI Will Force Us To Change Our Laws

John Frank Weaver

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Strong and Weak AI. Strong AI - exceeds human intellignce and can solve pretty much any problem - does not yet exist. Weak AI recreates only partial elements of human intelligence - Google Search, GPS, Siri.

Our brains interpret anything that sounds like speech as being a human. So even computer-based vocalising as a conversation with actual people.

AI will be similar to both Industrial Revn and the Internet, in that in 30 years or so people will wonder how we ever got along without it, but will also put a lot of workers out of jobs.

Liability under the law is fundamentally concerned with assigning responsibility for wrongdoing. But if a Google car hits someone while in autonomous mode, there is likely no human operator at fault. And if the car were functioning properly, then Google is unlikely to be liable. So American laws will need to change to address liability.

Author argues that should not try to impose liability on the owner of the AI. Not like achild or a dog, where the owner is responsible. The operator of an AI car will have nothing to do with causing any accident.

Nor shd developer/manufacturer be liable. The car is supposed to choose the best outcome - faster than a human driver - and if it does what it is supposed to then can't be at fault.

Author suggests that the AI 'pays' - ie manufacturers set up a reserve fund from which compensation can be paid.

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