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Sex Signals

Judi James

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Women are not as swayed by appearnace as men are, bc women think of 'renovation' - I can fix him up. But men think 'this is as good as she'll ever be' and it can only go downhill from here (esp if he gets to see her mum).

Men are pressured from birth to be tough, manly, funny, businesslike. So what you get is a succession of these facets. Treat him as a multiple personality disorder, respond to each facet as it appears, and don't refer to any previuos facets.

Women think 10 steps ahead in terms of relationships; men think 1 step. Problems arise when woman expexts man's thinking to be equally complex. Why did her shag her when he must have known it wd damage us? But in fact he was only thinking 1 step ahead - how do I get her pants off?

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