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The Remarkable Life of the Skin

Monty Lyman

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Cellulite appears in 90% of women but only 10% of men, due to the architecture of the hypodermis, the area of fat cells below the skin. The fat is kept in place by collagen fibres. In women the fibres run parallel, like columns in a Gk temple. Fat can push up between these columns forming the cottage-cheese like cellulite. But men's collagen is criss-crossed, like Gothic arches, locking the fat inside.

As you read this, microscopic Demodex

mites are crawling all over your face, looking for females and eating your dead skin. Unfortunately they don't have an anus, so their food waste builds up over their 2 week life-span. When they die, this is released on your skin, including their load of bacteria, some of which results in rosacea.

East Asians, particularly Koreans, have significantly less B.O. bc their genetics produce fewer sweat glands which favour different popns of underarm bacteria.

Detect harmful melanomas by looking for ABCDE features: Asymmetry, Irregular borders, More than one colour within the patch, Diameter more than 6mm, Evolution (way mole changes colour or size).

people who are told that eating more fruits and veges brings a golden skin tone are more likely to stick to this diet than if they are told it will reduce future heart attacks.

Phototherapy is particularly effective in treating psoriasis. P is caused by the keratinocyte cells of the epidermis go into high speed multiplication - being replaced every 5 days instead of usual 30). Phototherapy damages the cells DNA, stopping them from multiplying.

1956 a Sussex nurse, Sister Jean Ward, noticed that sunlight cured jaundice in prem babies. Later found that blue light was all that needed.

Vit D is actually a hormone, not a vitamin. It regulates minerals in our body. Most of our needs are met through our skin, not from diet.

Marbled, mottled purple pattern along old person's arms the harbinger of death - blood circ collapsing and usually means about a week to live.

'Kangaroo care' skin-to-skin contact dramatically reduced child mortality. It is also psychologically beneficial to the parents, reducing anxiety and increasing confidence in parenting skills.

Giving an elderly patient a massage improves their cognitive and emotional functions far more than a basic social visit.

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