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Luis Sanchez

Teenagers in Kansas didn't buy Beach Boys records to learn how to surf; the music gave them access to a world that otherwise didn't exist for them.

Self-proclaimed authorities accuse BB and others of not being "authentic" but it's meaningless. Expect others to hew to your narrow definition of right or wrong ignores.

Special American Bandstand Christmas show (23 Dec 1964) with BB as main show and also Marvin Gaye, the Righteous Brothers, Adam Faith as well a couple of novelty groups - Bobby Boris Pickett and His Crypt-Kicker Five Monster Mash and the Rivingtons Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow

In the mid-60's the music world suddenly opened up to radical new ideas. The old Brill-building style of pop groups recording songs written for them had been superseded, but groups writing their own songs was soon not enough. The obvious catalyst was the Beatles as they began the experiments that led to Sgt Pepper, but also Bob Dylan's poetry and questions about society.

So what you got, in California in particular, were a bunch of groups who wanted to change society through their music.

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