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NZ Non-Fiction 2015

ed Jolisa Greenwood and Susanna Andrew

Eleanor Catton story about how her parents didn't own a car, and one of their traditions was for father to take each kid on a 4-day tandem bike ride across the Southern Alps - cross the Lewis Pass, along the Tasman Sea coast, then return over Arthur's Pass. Her brother had made an earlier trip and described seeing the birth of a calf, but her experience "less sublime". They were "coasting downhill just as a transporter, full of sheep on the way to freezing works, was labouring uphill. At the moment they passed, a sharp gust of wind blew across the valley, blowing a dump of sheep urine over us. My father - whose mouth had been open at the time - had shielded me completely. I was totally dry, and he was totally drenched. With a roar of outrage he braked violently, leapt off the bike, raced down the hill and dove into the creek at the bottom, by which time I was roaring with laughter."

Childrens' books where wardrobe or similar opens up into a magical world. Philippa Pearce's Midnight Garden

where clock strikes an extra hour after midnight and a modern boy opens the back door into a sunlit garden from an earlier time.

Apparently the ChCh Cathedral spire has fallen off twice in previous earthquakes.

"At some point in their lives, every woman will decide her man has Aspergers"

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