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Karen Joy Fowler

Only man in club, Grigg, keeps coming out with statements with which the women disagree, but they show it with carefully nuanced disapproving silences, which he doesn't appear to notice.

Women are all narrated with separate internal monologues implying that they are carefully considering what they are saying on several levels, whereas Grigg just burbles shallowly on.

Grigg comes out (bitterly) with the cliche 'women don't want nice men' and author says to herself 'In fact, when you get to know these men better, lots of them weren't as nice as they believe themselves to be. There was no percentage in pointing this out.'

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A charming, unattached man was too valuable to throw away just bc you had no immediate use for him.

"I liked getting married. Courtship has a plot line. But there's no plot line to marriage. Justthe same things over and over, same friends, same things you do on a Saturday. The repetition would startto get to me. And then I couldn't fit my whole self into a marriage, no matter who my husband was. There were parts of me that John liked, and different partsfor others,but no-one cd deal with all of me. So I'd lop some things off, but then I'd start missing it, wanting it back."

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