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The Mummy At The Dining Room Table

Eminent Therapists Reveal Their Most Unusual Cases

Jeffrey A. Kottler

One of the first of the therapy compilations - editor got his psychologist mates to send him their greatest hits.

Arnold Lazarus described situation where woman who's father had walked out when she was 2 months old. Re-united as adults, him in his 70's, she in her 40's, started having sex. She described it as best sex she'd ever had, plus he's rich and starts giving her all the material things she's never had. But comes to therapist because concerned at incest proscriptions.

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Analyst decided that guy only biological father so no bond at all, and if take out risk of children, all OK.

Over the years discussed case with various colleagues and got whole range of reactions, from total endorsement to total opposition to him condoning it. Reframed it to ask 'Who was harmed?' Those opposed cd not specify their exact reason.

Lazarus surprised at how judgemental some people were. many 'moralists' who are not just interested in helping people, but also in policing the ranks of the rest of us to make sure we're living up to their ideas of what is good for people.

Worked in South Africa where met a client who was extremely anxious. He eventually confessed that he had had sex with a black woman, expecting Lazarus to 'hit him over the head with a broomstick'. Lazarus had trained in Europe, and pointed out that multiracial relationships common there. Nothing wrong with the guy, it was (S.African society that was sick.

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