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1902 the Wright brothers - Orville, Wilbur, Jonathan, Michael, Patrick, Andrew and Phil - embark on the first of many tragic test flights.

New Hampshire - a place where pricks come to look at leaves.

The South - where the mistakes of the past come to life.

Florida hides a dark secret - each year, thousands of Jews are sent here to die.

Kansas - in God we blindingly trust - eager to protect its traditional OT values, kansas has officially banned all forms of reality.

Montana - National Wildman Refuge

Minnesota - home of 10,000 retards.

Brazil - the most attractive victims of robbery and violent assault in the world.

Peru - always with the goddamn pan flutes.

Swaziland - the Swazi people can be divided into 3 distinct groups: the King, his dozen or so wives, and the dead and the dying.

Zambia - no fat chicks

Mozambique - from rags to tatters.

Mauritius is located in the good part of Africa - 1000 miles from the African mainland.

Uganda - no child left alive.

Kenya - running 26.3 miles from their problems.

Sudan - all better now thanks to you. Once the site of one of the bloodiest conflicts in history, South Sudan saw its senseless genocide come to a sudden end when they heard that a woman in Iowa was wearing a "Save Dafur T-shirt".

United Arab Emirates - the world's only 7-star nation.

Iraq - they had it coming.

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