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The Silent Land

Graham Joyce

Zoe and Jake are skiing when an avalanche overtakes them. Jake digs her out but when they go back to their hotel the place, and the village, are completely deserted.

It gets stranger. They can't leave. They try to drive out, to walk out, and to ski over the hill, but each time, they wind up back where they started. Candles burn forever, meat doesn't rot. Jake's long dead dog appears, then vanishes again.

So they make the most of it - the skiing is great, they drink expensive champagne each night, and they have a lot of great sex. And Zoe gets a few things off her chest - a regretted affair, and fact that she's pregnant!

But paradise starts to disintegrate. The power fails, Zoe has scary hallucinations, mysterious voices call her on her cell phone, Jake realizes he never feels hunger or cold and never gets drunk.

Eventually Zoe wakes up in hospital bed. She'd been dug out of the avalanche, located by sound of cell phone ringing, but Jake could not be found.

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