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The Winner's Bible

Kerry Spackman

Sportsmen like Roger Federer don't have superior reflexes. Thereason he an bein position to return Nadal's serve is that he can tell where the ball will go just before Nadal hits it. He has learned, from hours of practice, to automatically analyse the subtle movements and position of Nadal's body - the way he tosses the ball and the way his arms and legs move.

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If you wear 'upside down' goggles after a couple of days the brain circuits rewire themselves to interpret sight as normal. If you can do that with vision, you can retrain the brain to do almost anything.

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Train an impulsive person to visualize a hungry dog looking at a juicy bone on the wrong side of a heavy fence. The dog gets so worked up trying to bash through the fence or leap it or dig under it, that he fails to notice an open gate just meters away. Visualize the hungry dog every time you feel yourself losing the plot.

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The Cocaine Girlfriend. Guy realized he was 'addicted' to a high maintenance, selfish woman with a history of unfaithfulness. His image was of a smart businessman who falls into the habit of a daily cocaine fix and neglects long term needs of his business.

Disappointment is inevitable if you live long enough, but it all boils down to "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

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If you think life should be fair, you've been seriously misinformed.

Porphyrius was a very famous Roman charioteer, who cd draw 1/4 million people to watch his races - the equivalent to 30 million people turning up to watch Tiger Woods. Yet his name is completely forgotten - all his skill and bravery counted for nothing. Yet Socrates name lives on. And today we take film stars and business leaders far more seriously than they deserve.

Everyone has a Big Story and a Little Story. They put a lot of effort into polishing and presenting their (public) Big Story, but all the time they leak details of their (private) Little Story. To learn it, just pay attention to the little cues - the gestures and actions.

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