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Things To Make And Do In The 4th Dimension

Matt Parker

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Almost every glass, cup or mug (except champagne flute) has longer circumference than height. Nobody believes this (you can win bets). Try to wrap your hand around top of glass - your finger and thumb won't meet. Now do hand span from top to base - easily.

People forget about pi, which says circumference is 3.14 times diameter, ie it's more than 3 times round the top than it is across. But people look at the diameter, and judge on basis of that.

The 37 Trick. Pick any digit and write it down 3 times - ie 333 or 777. Total itr - 9 or 21. Now divide your 3 digit number by its sum - 333/9 or 777/21. The answer is always 37.

What's largest no you can count to using your fingers? Most people wd say 10. But you can count to 3 using just 2 fingers - first one up is 1, second one up is 2, then both up is 3. Using this system you can get to 1023 just with fingers. If you 'code' for different finger positions - touch palm, halfway down, part way down, full up - you can get to over a million. (of course you might accidentally join a street gang en route).

There are only 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary and those who don't. I'll give you a moment to stop laughing and compose yourself.

Computers mainly use binary counting, so everything is a power of 2 - 2 to power of 10 = 1024. But sometimes hexadecimal - base-16, using digits 0-9 and letters A to F. Look on back of a router, or the colour codes used in html. Use base-16 bc it is a power of 2, and easy to switch between powers.

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