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Total Leadfoot

Motoring Backfires, Rattletraps and Rarities

Tony Davis

Russians built a Lada-based var called the Samara, and entered it in the 1991 Paris-Dakar rally. They took the wise precaution of removing almost all the internal Lada parts and replacing them with Porsche ones.

"... a moving Aptera (a 3 wheel car that could be registered as a motorcycle, looked like something that is desperately keen to tip over, and is merely looking for a convenient place to do it."

"In the 1970's it could take 15 seconds for a six-cylinder family car to reach 100kph. Some of today's models will do it in half that, freeing up valuable time for other things. Such as tripping speed cameras."

"A glossy red Porsche was an obvious choice ... because the model popularly stands for excess. That's bevause it is monumentally expensive and typically bought by A-grade tosspots (that word's from Shakespeare, BTW)"

Al Pacino starred in a forgotten 19977 movie about F1 racing called Bobby Deerfield. When he started the film, he couldn't even drive. He got his license, had an affair with his fetching co-star, Marthe Keller, and went to a whole lot of European F1 races. So at least someone enjoyed the film..."

The famously scrawny Citroen 2CV - "four deckchairs under an umbrella" (had a canvas roof and an unlined interior).

The standard rule of defensive driving is to assume that everyone is trying to kill you. The sharper truth is that some are trying harder than others.

Lastly, a word about ethnicity and driving abilities. No matter what anyone says, beware of racial stereotypes. They are the worst drivers of all.

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