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Turtle Recall

The Discworld Companion

Terry Pratchett and Stephen Briggs

A highly specialised democracy: it's a case of One man One Vote - Lord Vetinari is the Man and he has the Vote.

The city welcomes free-spending barbarian invaders, but somehow the puzzled raiders always find, after a few days, that they don't own their horses any more, and within a couple of months they're just another minority group with their own graffiti and food shops.

Dwarvish insult. Lawn ornament.

A worker at Rosie Palm's House of Negotiable Affection. A handsome young woman in any language, particularly Braille.

Major town in Fourrecks. The architecture is vernacular, ie, made up, with a lot of swearing.

Ephebe has more philosophers than anywhere else on the Disc, but would not recognise a metaphor if it was handed to them in a cornet with chocolate chips on top. Ephebians make wine out of anything they can put in a bucket, and eat anything that can't climb out of one. Ephebians believe that every man should have a vote, provided he isn't poor or foreign or disqualified by reason of being mad, frivolous or a woman.

Fishing is like being dead but with the added disadvantage of being alive to experience it.

A gnome is a goblin found underground, a goblin is a gnome coming up for air, and a picsie is a gnome fighting. They are generally hunter gatherers, usually of property belonging to someone else.

Live in a palace they choose to call Dunmanifestin. Their idea of an uplifting artistic experience is a musical doorbell.

Jackrum, Seargeant
The word 'fat' could not honestly be applied to Jackrum, not when the word 'gross' is lumbering forward to catch your attention. One of those people who don't have a waist; instead he has an equator. And gravity.

We are talking twenty toe territory here, the kind of place where you may have to learn to play the banjo to survive and marrying your cousin is considered posh.

Mazda, Fingers
He was the first thief in the world; he stole fire from the gods. He was unable to fence it; it was too hot.

The Bursar
as mentally stable as a tap-dancer in a ball bearing factory.

His mother ran away before he was born.

There are three old men sitting outside the tavern, and three young men lounging outside the livery stable saying what a hole this is and how they're going to up and leave as soon as the money from the cabbage harvest comes in, and don't you just know that in 50 years time there'll be three old men sitting outside the tavern ...

Seamstresses Guild
Motto: Nil Volupti Sine Lucre.

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