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Unintelligent Design:

Why God Isn't As Smart AsShe Thinks She Is

Robyn Williams

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If God really was the ID, then shd reasonably expect perfection. But that's not what we've got..

Take guts. Mammal plan is to have a table-like arrangement, a leg at each corner, with the digestive system slung from the spine. Works well for all animals except humans, who for some reason decided to stand up. So now our guts are hanging from a verical broomstick, with pressure on the lower end, where there are too many exits and entrances. Result: piles, hernias, prolapses and squashed babies.

The female pelvis needs to be narrow enough for walking and to hold in guts, but wide enough to let a bay's melon-sized head through. Result: until modern science intervened, catastrophic mortality rates during chilbirth.

More spectacular fails:

1) human spine

2) koalas, with their pouch opening downwards (bc they eveolved from burrowing wombats, who needed pouch to point that way)

3) the insects which variously eat their partners, or their young, or their mother, or each other.

4) human eye, with retina pointing wrong way, and blind spot needed for optic nerve

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