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Why Things back Back

Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences

Edward Teller

New tech creates behaviour which seems to cancel out the reason for using it. Fax machines and computers that let us work from home or coffee shop, but are also the means for urgent messages to arrive at all hours, tying us to the office 24/7.

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Car alarms. Expensive when you lock yourself out or lose yr transponder. Revenge when malfunction trash cars. In one city, only 300 of 157,000 auto alarm calls were real.

Labour saving household appliances improve s.o.l but don't make housework easier so much as increase it (higher standards expected) and with fewer options - used to be able to send dirty washing out to laundries which were cheap because so many of them

Chenobyl has become a thriving wildlife reserve bc residual radiation levels deemed too high for human occupation, and bc possibly contaminated meat deters hunters.

'Hoist with yr own petar(d)' comes from Hamlet. A petar was a crude small bomb used to blow open a gate, but which often took maker with it.

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