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Why Women Have Sex

Cindy Meston and David Buss

Who Women prefer men with high shoulder-to-hip ratio. Both sexes judge such men more physical and socially dominant. But men overestimate how much muscle a woman wants - few attracted to the bodybuilder.

Men touching another man's back seen as a dominance signal - woman see that as indicating higher status.

Women drawn to men who show higher interest - eye contact and open stance (no folded arms). GSOH and self-confidence enough to approach woman.

We expect similar levels of attractiveness, so much so that casual observers always react negatively to mismatches, except where beautiful woman with ugly man, in which case wealth assumed. High cost of vigilance if you do happen to snag a more attractive mate.

Men are willing to have sex with anyone who minimally meets their standards ("has a heartbeat") whereas women have sim standards for casual or long-term relationships.

We judge prostitutes for "selling their bodies" but so do athletes and film stars.

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Why sexual pleasure

capture a mate
poach a mate
guard a mate
peace and quiet

to see what it was like
to see what it was like to
....lose virginity
....try someone different race
....try same sex
....try someone with rep as great lover
....try someone with rep as big cock

to see if enough to sustain relationship



to gain assets
...tangible jewellry
...intangible holiday

to get a job
... a raise
... promotion
... money
... drugs
... food
... degree
... casting couch

repay for dinner

boost self-esteem
fit into social circle
get over a relationship


cure a headache
end period
release stress

makeup sex
put you to sleep
something in semen reduces female depression


burn calories

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