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Letter To A Christian Nation

Sam Harris

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Deeply ironic that Xians claim to be a loving religion but many are (murderously) intolerant of criticism, and they justify their hatred with quotes from the bible.

A very simple issue - is the bible an ordinary book, written by mortals, or it isn't. If it is, then Xity is false.

Every Muslim has exactly the same reasons for being Muslim as you have for being Christian, yet you reject his reasons as absurd.

Ten Commandments - 1` to 4 say 'obey this rel', 5 - 9 are the sort of rules virtually every society has, and 10 is worried abt donkeys.

Xian morality doesn't care much abt human suffering. It's most worried that the Creator of the Universe will be offended by the things people do when naked.

'Soul' issues tie dogmatists in knots - 'extra' souls in identical twins, or fused individs. And a 'soul' in a petri dish of 3 day old cells takes priority over the soul of a dying 10 yo.

Deuteronomy 22 - if your wife is not a virgin, stone her to death. But no-one does, do they? We use our own moral intuition to reject this C1 morality.

There is not one sentence in the Bible that could not be written by someone with C1 knowledge.

God apparently had room in the Bible to go into great detail about how to treat slaves, and how to sacrifice a wide variety of animals, yet absolutely nothing about modern day concerns. Nothing about anything not known in C1.

Dumb design, not intell design - flightless birds, blind fish; women's pelvis, mens urinary tract; larynx where breathing and food tubes meet.

God doesn't seem to do anything for people who pray to him. Science predicted the New Orleans hurricane and gave people a chance to flee, but, as usual, God nevertold people about His plans. Then people who lived decided 'asved' by God, even as infants drowned in cribs.

When can't explain something, xians alwaysretreat to 'God moves in mysterious ways' but at same time many rel people are certain that God is desperately worried about gay marriage.

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