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Brain Trust

Garth Sunden

Any relationship has to evolve in steps. If you're trying to seduce a woman, you can't just proposition her and expect to get away with it. You have to have a script, starting with innocuous comments ("nice to see you in the meeting today") then slowly towards a middle ground ("what a great dress - you look a million dollars!") the glacially towards ("would you like to see my etchings?") comments.

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We have evolved to be diurnal - we went to sleep when it got dark. Our bodies are used to a regime where do all your eating in an eight-hour window. So if you want to lose weight, stop eating eight hours after first got up.

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Hugh Herr lost both feet to frostbite after getting stuck on Mt Washington for three days in a blizzard. But he built special prosthetic climbing feet, including tiny little wedges of steel covered in rubber, which he used to achieve rock climbs never done before. The 'feet' let him do things other climbers couldn't - wedge his 'toes' into tiny cracks in the rock face and take the weight off his arms. So his prosthetics did more than compensate for a 'disability - they made him superhuman.

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American police records show effect of sports teams losing on domestic violence stats. An upset loss leads to a 10% increase in the losing team's city; if they make an unusual number of mistakes or turnovers the figure goes up to 15%. And if it's against a traditional rival, hits 20%. But only for an unexpected loss - if predicted, no spike. But doesn't work the other way - upset win doesn't reduce domestic violence.

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Violent films actually correlate lower violence. Explanation seems to be that the violent people are off the street while they're watching the film. Not only that, they are sober in the theatre, so the effect lasts for a couple of hours into the evening.

The reCaptcha box that you have to fill out on web sites always has two words. The first one is one that the computer knows, and in which it is testing to see that you are human. The second word is from Google Books Library project and its a word that OCR hasn't identified.Your opinion on what the word says is compared with others until it gets enough votes to be considered translated - works through about 70 million words a day.

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