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Grocery: The Buying and Selling of Food in America

Michael Ruhlman

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Breakfast the most dangerous meal of the day. 'Stripped' carbs (cereals with outer nutrirional husks and oils stripped away bc impede shelf life) which body immediately converts to sugars, and then with added sugar. Overwhelms insulin trying to use the energy, so it simply gets stored as fat. And worse bc consumed on an empty stomach.

Eat colours: each colour is a phytonutrient. Eat the rainbow.

Shop the perimeter of a supermarket, bc that's where they display stuff that will go bad quickly (fresh fish, sliced/cooked meat etc) and that's bc they are foods that haven't been heavily processed and so still have higfh nutritional values.

Refined wheat and sugar are what is making us sick. They are thew number one and two of too many products we eat, from sliced bread to cornflakes. most of your breakfast foods should be classified as candy.

Gluten-free they just replace the gluten with butter and sugar.

(Small) food companies get successful by offering something different - usually tastier, bc they use better quality ingredients. The one of the big boys buys the company and tries to make it more profitable by skimping on quality. Demand plunges, and the big co is now looking at an expensive rescue job, or a costly write off of the whole proposition. It happens all the time.

India common treatment for gastro problems is to eat nothing but yoghurt.

If you're cooking a beef stew (veal osso bucco) or a braised lamb shank for a dinner party, cook it a few days in advance and reheat - improves with age. Make scalloped potatoes ahead, chill and then use a ring cutter to make perfect circles which can then be reheated on a sizzle plate in oven.

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