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Terry Gilliam

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Mad comics the most impt cultural influence of his youth. Could be very intelligent and very silly at thesame time. Lesson that you cd subvert an existing character or institution, take their most prominent characteristics and turn them upside down.

Animations for Eric Idle's series Do Not Adjust Your Set. TG had found a huge collection of Victorian Christmas cards in storage at Victoria and Albert Museum. He copied a whole lot, then cut them up and reassembled them with a lot of jokes and a bit of a story.

And take solemn/serious characters and put them in an incongruous setting. So Enoch Powell selling 'whiter than white' washing powder.

When Monty Python first started up, had a very basic problem of how to link up all the little sketches which had very little in common, and often no clear ending either. Solution was TG's graphic animations, which liberated the Python's from the straitjacket of the traditional punchline.

Huge pressure to supply enough material in double-quick time each week. So animations hop everywhere, bc that's easiest way to move them. Mouths open by cutting off the whole head and hinging on the back.

TG has periods if intense depression, sometimes lasting six months. But no desire to take pills to fix it bc sees it as part of what gives him the good stuff - the weird ideas floating round in his head.

The Catholic Church invented comic books. They used them to tell stories to the illiterate. The priest would be reading the text (in Latin), while a series of ornate illustrations wd be unrolled for the congregation to follow the action.

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