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House of Karls

Karl Kruszelnicki

"Five-second" rule is bunk - bacteria transfers instantly. More transfers if coming from a smooth surface (so more from tiles than carpet), and more if transferring to a wet, soft surface such as lettuce, than a hard surface like boiled sweets.

Pre-refrigeration, some cultures used live frogs to stop milk spoiling. Frog skin ideal host for bacteria so all species have developed a variety of anti-bacterial chems in their slime.

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Study led by Prof Paul Piff of UCLA and Prof Stephane Cote of U of Toronto studied links between wealth and ethics. The more money, or the more prestigious the job, the more likely they were to engage in less ethical behaviour. Drivers of Mercedes were more likely to disobey road rules at intersections. The richer they were the more likely they were to take candy from a jar if they were left alone. They were more likely to lie or cheat in situations which rewarded that.

A lot of evidence that inequality is bad for society. Poor talented children don't get the nutrition or education to make most of their ability, which is a waste of a country's resources.

"Most people go through life and simply don't know when they have enough. That awareness comes only when they are on their deathbed." (Dr Fred Hollows)

We have been told simple mantra that 'oxidants are bad; anti-oxidants are good' but IRL it's not that simple. Some oxidants are need, eg to attack cancer cells.

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