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Just In Time To Be Too Late

Why Men Are Like Buses

Peta Mathias

"I love saying 'No' to men - I get so little practice."

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Not attracted to Type A men, who tend to bossiness and strutting - Type A women respond badly to men trying to control us. The perfect match for a Type A woman is a Type B man who is easy going, says 'whatever' a lot and smiles when we are being insane.

Strangely enough, a lot of Alpha people are insecure and have tragic self-esteem, but this is usually well-hidden in their bluster.

When I see high-achieving, hard-working women with what appear to be useless, passive husbands, I now consider that they have made a good choice bc no other kind of guy cd live with them.

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"Just bc you are programmed genetically to do something, doesn't mean you have to do it, especially if the result has been proven again and again to be destructive."

How To Talk To A Man:
1. They aren't mind readers - if you want something, ask for it.
2. If you have a problem, only confide in a man if you want a solution - men have evolved to solve problems.
3. Don't ask unanswerable Q's like "Is my bum big in this" bc you're just looking for a fight - you know there is no answer.
4. Avoid statements which have more than one interpretation.

Useless Ways To Punish A Man:
1. Banish him to the couch - he loves it and can pretend he's camping.
2. Withhold sex - very dangerous
3. Sulk - this is his dream - silence and peace

A man who loves his mother loves women and treats them well. If a boy doesn't develop a range of emotions with the guidance of his mother, then all he will be left with is anger. If he doesn't have a warm, loving father, he's in big trouble bc his EQ is zero.

Author gets a bit carried away with the bus metaphor - once you get past the "all turn up at the same time and get in yr way" the rest is a bit of a stretch ("bendy buses run you over then burst into flames?"). Key isn't flagging down the right bus, it's being the right passenger. Buses have destination signs but men don't - they shd have ones like "My wife is married but I'm not."

Men dream of just one thing - to be adored. Want to come home to be met with open arms "Oh yr so wonderful"

There is no such thing as a platonic male friend. He always has the possibility of sex at the back of his lizard brain.

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