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Make Art Make Money

Elizabeth Hyde Stevens

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A 1968 skit on Ed Sulliavan Show - idealists don't just have to fightcapitalists, they also have to fight themselves, as success 'corrupts'.

Basic problem that art works as a Gift, but that artist cannot work for nothing. Trying to work within a gift economy but you have to survive in a market economy.

There are 3 ways to survive - take a second job, get a patron, or sell your work. The problem with selling art is that inevitably becomes contaminated with considerations as to what people will buy.

Almost always find that an artist does his best work when young, just before becoming successful.

When Jim Henson started making Sesame Street, he funded it by making commercials. But gave them up because lack of creative control. Eventually his agent convinced him to license the toys on the basis that this would give him artistic freedom to do whatever he wanted for the rest of his life.

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