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The Game That Changed Everything

Daniel Goldberg and Linus Larsson

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More books on Games - hundreds of versions of popular board and card games, mostly free (if watch a few ads).

SethBling channel on YouTube demo how to use redstone to build elevators and train stations, automatic doors and a machine to teleport wolves. He has also re-created classic computer games such as DonkeyKong and Minesweeper, fully playable within the Minecraft world. After Marcus "Notch" Persson noticed the work and posteda link on Twitter, SethBling got 300,000 hits and 4500 new subscribers - he now makes a couple of thousand dollars a month from YouTube.

Jeff Bezos mantra "If a project group needs more than 2 pizzas to feed it, it's too big." (Creativity and flow of ideas gets replaced by bickering and internal politics)

Old idea of education that you pile a whole lot of stuff in front of kids and hope they absorb some of it. In fact, kids only learn when they are engaged, as they are when playing games. So Minecraft code chopped up and rearranged for MineCraftEdu. Particularly useful bc so open - teacher can construct own world and let kids explore and build on it.

Universal reaction to rapid wealth accumulation among computer geeks - denial, then shock, then feeling of not being worth so much.

Markus: "My job doesn't actually produce anything for society. I don't contribute food or anything like that. But I still make a lot more money than those who are truly needed. It is all bc I can sell my product on the entire Internet. You can't do that when you bake bread."

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