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Pampered Child Syndrome

Maggie Mamen

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Too many parents think they shd be serving their kids.

Parents who don't set boundasries for their toddlers will find themselves 10 years down the track trying to control an unruly teenager.

An assertive parenting style essential to combat child obesity - control what they eat; make them ask before take stuff out of the fridge; make them do chores.

Kids have hard time empathising with other's pain if they have never had to cope with disappointment.

Pampered kids have exag sense of entitlement and high expectations of service from everyone around them. Low tolerance of boredom; frequent tantrums/rages; blame everyone else, can't see how their behaviour affects everyone else; chronically angry.

Give them choices "Do you want to shower now nad watch half an hour of TV or do you want to watch TV for half an hour and then shower."

"Your voice is getting hard and surly. I would like you to start over with your nice voice." "Please go outside and come in again, but this time quietly."

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