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Sex And The City

Candace Bushnell

When was the last time you heard someone say "I love you" without tagging on the inevitable " ... as a friend."

There's still plenty of sex in the city, but it's the kind that results in friendship and business deals, not romance.

Love means having to align oneself with another person, and what if that person turns out to be a liability?

"... And he tells women that he will be their friend, and that he will have sex with them, but that's all there is and that's all there'll ever be."

The condom killed romance, but it has made it a lot easier to get laid. There's something about using a condom that, for a woman, makes it like sex doesn't count. There's no skin-to-skin contact. So you go to bed more easily.

A serial dating man - when you first meet him he's articulate and funny, confident and good in bed. Good at empathizing - reads more women's mags than you do - and good at fixing women broken by relationship problems. But once he solves your problems, he becomes the problem.

Manhattan Wedlock - Never-married women and toxic bachelors.

There's a window of opportunity for women to get married - somewhere between ages of 26 and 36. (Woman can always get married again - there's something about knowing how to close the deal.) But get to 38 and there's too much baggage. They already have a history - known to have gone out with ( ) and ( ), and who wants to be 20th in that line. Or, they have extramarital kids and rehab.

"Everyone knows that men make great friends and lousy husbands. Better to be alone than to be badly accompanied."

Women want sons, because after years of men who can't be depended upon, son becomes your substitute man. And sons will always look after their mum. Husband really becomes 2nd class citizen - like who needs two kids to look after?

Carrie at party getting po-ed with a mother who pushing kid: "Garrick this is a table T A B L E; people eat off it. Garrick this is a rug R U G etc. Finally Carrie catches kid by himself. Garrick this is a condom. C O N D O M. If your parents had used one you wouldn't be here. "Condom" says Garrick obediently.

Miranda has braces put on her teeth. First guy she has dinner with goes "I suppose a BJ is out of the question?"

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