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The Bitch In The House

26 Women Tell the Truth About Sex, Solitude, Work, Motherhood, and Marriage

Cathi Hanauer

"All tragedies are finished by a death; all comedies are ended by a marriage."

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Rabbi's advice: 'most important thing in marriage is to want to please your partner more than you want to please yourself."

"(The perfect man) existed in my imagination as a shadowy but flawless alter ego, a male version of myself who would read my mind, meet all my needs and have none of his own."

"We'd become two opponents trying to destroy each other, rather than a team protecting and shielding each other."

"The few married couples l know who do still have passionate sex after the first couple of years (or the first kid) fuel their passion with anger"

"My mother had one extraordinary gift: she was able to find something interesting in just about everyone."

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