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Walt Disney World

Joanne Holub

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WD died 1966 before Florida Disneyland finished.

Cinderella Castle is 189 feet high, bc Fed regs say any building over 200 feet must have a flashing red light on top, and that wd spoil effect. But uses forced perspective to make it look much taller.

For same reason, the roller coaster at Expedition Everest is 199 feet high.

Disney workers are called 'cast' for a reason. Encouraged to think of t/s as actors on a big stage.

They get to their individual 'worlds' through underground tunnels, bc it wd look incongruous to see a cowboy walking through Tomorrowland, for example. The tunnels, called utilidors, run in a big circle with a connecting tunnel under Main Street. It's a 10 min walk from one side of park to other in the tunnels.

Because of tunnels, don't need rubbish trucks emptying the bins. Instead, rubbish is sucked down through twenty inch pipes, at 60 mph.

Mickey Mouse has 136 costumes, including a scuba suit and a tuxedo. Minnie Mouse has over 100 costumes, incl a safari suit.

In 1990 a paleontologist named Sue Hendrickson found a nearly complete T Rex skeleton in South Dakota. It was named Sue after here, and a full sized replica can be found at WD World.

Hidden Mickeys: 3 circle shapes scattered throughout.

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