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How To Be Happy

Liz Hoggard

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Rich people happier not bc absolute size of their wealth but bc they have more than others, and income rivalry makes those 'left behind' more miserable than it makes the wineers happier.

Americans asked to list the material things they thought were impt for the 'good life'. The more items they already had, the longer the list, so the 'good life' always remained out of reach.

Lottery winners who quit their job and move to paaltial estate often find themselves isolated and depressed bc miss the interactions they had with colleagues and neighbours. But the ones who kept their job found their relationships with colleagues and neighbours changed for the worst.

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If we compare upwards, we are unhappy. If compare downwards, we are happy. This is why bronze medallists are happier than silver medallists.

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The bigger the discrepance between what yr partner thinks are yr strengths, and what yr friends think, is called the 'romantic illusion' (you think your wife is more attractive than yr friends do). The interesting thing is, the bigger the illusion the more stable the relationship. More books on Marriage

Men and women who have frequent (3 or 4 times a week) look 10 years younger than once-a-week friends. But doesn't work with promiscuos sex, which tends to incr the aging process.

(Ben Franklin) "If you wd be loved, love and be lovable."

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